I will advice every man to read this short message, this will enhance your relationship as a single or as a married man. You need to understand the basic needs of a woman.

The first basic need of a woman is LOVE;

A woman needs love just as the way she needs the air she breathes, she was programed by God to receive love, God designed her this way. she needs love,

A man may buy her a house, an expensive car and she will not still be satisfied if you don’t tell her that you love her, she wants to feel loved, she becomes scared if you become too busy to tell her that you love her.

The Second thing a woman need is conversation

She needs somebody that will listen to her, she needs a man to spend time with her just to listen to her, she needs someone to talk with. Not just talk to but talk with. She may not really like being alone, that is why she always talk. Husbands, if you shower your wife with all that she needs but if you are not there from time to time to discuss with her, she may look for someone else to fill that space. It is not that she does not love you, she does, but she needs conversation.

The third basic need of a woman is affection

She needs affection, not sex, but affection. She wants a man to hold her hands, she wants a man to hold the door for her as she enters a place, she wants a man to help her carry heavy luggages, she wants a man to hug her, but the problem is that a man may start thinking that she wants sex, she does not, she just want a show of affection. So please understand the need of your wife and she will help you to meet your own need.