Ha-ha :::)))) i can’t shout oooo … anyways this is for those that haven’t heard. Trying hard Nollywood actress, Mary Remmy is engaged to Jason Njoku, the CEO & founder of the waving iROKOtv. I keep wondering on why Mary will be among the iROKOtv ambassadors, because i don’t see her like an actress with her own fans, she is just there, just join, join actress … *sorry*.

Is not that I’m hating, fine she is simple but she doesn’t have that face you will wanna see on screen and again what makes many people know her again was her younger sister that was killed by the Boko Haram group around last year. Even after that everything just went down as if nothing happened … I heard the duo met on the sets of Blackberry Babes … At least she don harmer this man NA !!!