Tinsel’s Angela Dede – Matilda Obaseki | Leonora Okine

M-Net’s “Tinsel“, the Nigeria-based soap opera TV series has made a major cast change. One of the series’ key characters “Angela Dede” has been played by Nigerian actress Matilda Obaseki since the inception of the show, Matilda has now been replaced by Ghanaian Actress Leonora Okine.

The actress announced her engagement in March 2012 and is pregnant with her first child.

Update – Official statement from M-Net
M-Net wishes to advise Tinsel fans that Matilda Obaseki, who plays the role of Angela Dede, is currently on leave and will be temporarily replaced by Leonora Okine.

M-Net joins the Tinsel cast and crew in sending Matilda their love and best wishes and are looking forward to her return to set later in the year.

In the interim, the producers would like to welcome the very talented Leonara to the Tinsel family.