Goldie opened up at a press conference that held this afternoon at Protea Hotel, Ikeja. she clearly stated that her love for Prezzo was not a winning strategy contrary to what 30 percent of Nigerians thought, 50 percent clearly stated that she was just playing stupid while the other 20 percent careless what she did or what the show was about.

When asked if her crazy love scene was a hoax to win the cash.. she said

It wasn’t a strategy to win. I saw Prezzo as a calm, very intelligent and easy going person. Viewers have the option of seeing about 50 cameras at a time but I have just two eyes and two ears and only believe in what I saw. You had the opportunity of knowing him more than I did.

She also stated that she’s a very emotional person and she felt the betrayal of prezzo as the ultimate, the two reasons she cried during the eviction.

Who are we kidding here, your in a game show to win money and you are talking about betrayal …LOL