The move by members of the House of Reps to work towards the impeachment of President Goovluck Jonathan come September, if budget implementation is not improved, is still generating dusts.

The Presidency on Thursday reacted to the impeachment threat, saying the concerns raised by the House were in sync with those of the President.

Special Adviser to the President on Communications, Dr. Reuben Abati said President Jonathan was on the same page with the House on the need for efficient budget implementation. He insisted there is no conflict between the two arms of government.

“Just as the House is concerned, Mr. President is concerned too. What happened today (Thursday) in the House was ironic and a big coincidence because two ministries: interior and police affairs, were in the Villa to make presentations on their key performance index.

“Each ministry came with all the parastatals under it and presented their KPI in relation to Budget 2012. They were required to state their mandates, the money they collected under Budget 2012, their level of performance and their challenges if any and then define their next steps. After each presentation, there was robust discussion,” Abati disclosed.