Susan Peters is a multiple award winning Nigerian Actress with over 50 credits inNollywood (Nigerian) movies. She is also a star on Nigerian TV, a successful model, interior designer and beauty salon owner. Recently, she won 2011 Afro Hollywood Best Actress (English) Award for her role in Bursting Out.
One-time beauty queen and Nollywood actress reacted to an ugly and false rumor going on around the Nollywood industry that she is involved in lesbianism…she said

‘’I am not a lesbian. I have never practised lesbianism. People who know me know that Susan Peters is not a lesbian. Maybe, the speculation was because of my masculine structure. I am masculine because I used to participate in games a lot before.

I played basketball, ran, played golf but I stopped at some point because I was developing muscles. If I go back into gym now, I will develop those muscles but I am not gay. People should stop tagging me as gay. I love the other sex, I don’t like gay. I have female friends but I have more of male friends. I have a boyfriend mind you, not boyfriends.
But I have male friends because I prefer male friends to female friends because they are more comfortable to be with. I am not saying I don’t like my female friends. I have female friends but I love more of male friends. So, people should stop saying I am gay, I am a full-fledged straight woman.’’

What do you think about lesbianism and it’s effect on our society….Do same sex or opposite sex really counts on our society.