Japanese model, housewife and mother of two,Masako was born in 1968, she lives in Nagoya her oldest child is 20 years old, the model who have appear in countless women magazines in Japan has become an idol to Japanese middle aged women  she is called Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth by all.
Masako has a blog where she gives tips about skin care product, clothing and accessories, she also says she spends 5 hours a day on skin care.
She looks  really young for a 43 years old woman, but hey Asian women they say look youthful untill they hit monopause, I intend visiting her blog I them tips so i can look youthful after all we all dey the same age bracket, not age, I am coming behind her LoL.
Here are some of her tips
Her own tips are as follows:
  • Eat healthy, fresh food.
  • A balanced 4 meals a day in small portions.
  • Drink lots of water to clean out toxins.
  • Apply lighter makeup as you get older.
  • Use Vitamin E based creams to keep your skin soft and supple.
  • Always use sunscreen before going into the sun.
  • Follow a cleaning, toning and moisturizing regime every night before you sleep.
  • Exercise regularly, get enough sleep and don’t smoke.