1 Believing a Guy will change 4 u

2 insisting 0n a Guy who clearly doesn’t give a crap about u

3 Playing hard 2 get 4 entirely 2 long, till you’re way past your sell by a date

4 Falling 4 a bad Guy and putting the good guys in the “FRIENDS Z0NE”

5 Thinking every Guy is like your EX

6 Shaving 0ff your EYEBR0WS Completely just 2 draw them back 0n

7 Blaming the entire male population 4 one bad experience

8 Bringing 0ther Gals down because of your own insecurities

9 allowing the same Guy 2 hurt u 0ver and over, you’re taken him back for another time. It’s u who has a problem not Him

10 ignoring this update and perfecting the same mistakes