Zimbabwe – It never rains but pours for a man from Bulawayo’s Cowdry Park suburb after he caught his wife whom he had married two days earlier, having sex with another man. Apart from busting his wife, Trinity Souza, the man identified as Oblige Mupereri got arrested after he gave the woman a bashing to remember. Souza and her husband have reportedly gone separate ways since the day.

It is said a day prior to busting Souza, Mupereri got a tip-off that his wife was seeing another man. He asked her about the alleged affair, but she dismissed it. Subsequently, Mupereri decided that he was going to be covert in seeking to unearth the affair.

On Thursday last week, Mupereri reportedly left home having told his wife that he will be coming back after a few days. Taking advantage of this, Souza invited her boyfriend for an all night sex session. As the two lovebirds were getting cosy, Mupereri returned in the wee hours of the morning. He is said to have found a car parked outside and on getting into the house, the man came across clothes on the floor, suggesting that some people were getting dirty.

The head of the house then went to the bedroom and what was before his eye was so shocking. There stood his wife of two days naked with another man. Before he could react, Souza’s boyfriend had taken off in a flash. As such, the man vented his anger at Souza. He is alleged to have bashed her with everything that he could throw at her.

The woman ran off and sought refuge at a nearby relative’s house. Mupereri followed her and gave her a second round of thrashing. Souza went on to report the matter to police, leading to his arrest.

The man was granted $100 bail by Western Commonage magistrate, Richard Ramaboea.