I know this kind of sound weird given my age, by the way am 26 going to 27. But I didn’t want to allow things get out of hand and bring shame to my father that is why am asking for help.

I met my boyfriend few months back and I made him to understand that I’m a virgin but not that we won’t have sex when our relationship grows. He promised to teach me everything and said he will be gentle when doing it so that it won’t be painful.

I spent a night in his place one weekend and we tried all the techniques he suggested but it was painful and sometimes I even screamed so loud that I fear his neighbours could hear my voice. He succeeded in getting the head of his manhood into me and left it there until he cum.

But my worry is that I didn’t bleed so I thought I was still a virgin. But since last week I’ve been vomiting and it seems am pregnant based on what I used to hear from my friends.

I can’t believe am pregnant since I didn’t bleed that day and only a small part of his manhood entered my body. Please I need good advice.