Juliet Aguwa

These days, I feel as though breast cancer gave me a new life. Before I had breast cancer, I worked hard on being a mother and a wife and I think one of the things I neglected most was me!

So after cancer, I decided that you only have one time to live your life.

I want to go back to the film industry”.Beautiful Nollywood actress, Juliet Aguwa, who had survived the diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer stage 3c, is returning home from her base in America to battle against breast cancer.

A mother of two daughters, Juliet is set to launch an aggressive awareness campaign programme for Africa women all over the world and also reach out to under privileged African women undergoing the painful trauma caused by the disease.

Courtesy of an invite from Imo State’s First Lady, Mrs. Nkechi Okorocha, the actress will launch an inaugural educational programme on breast cancer awareness later this month.

She now runs a foundation, Courage to Dare Foundation, that supports breast cancer patients.