Love is truly wicked! How is it that crazy things always happen to someone when they are in love? This thing is almost killing me. How can he ask me to leave my boyfriend of over 19 months to marry some stranger all because they are friends?

My boyfriend is a hard working man and very romantic. I’ve had just one abortion for him but we are very close and we love each other. I’m pregnant for him again but he doesn’t know yet.

Just as am planning to tell him about the pregnancy my uncle came up with this nonsense idea of me getting married to his friend who is a businessman. He said he has already told his friend that I cant say no even without consulting me. Can u imagine that?

I’m from the South East and my uncle’s problem is that he took care of me when my mother abandoned me with him and left for the city. I don’t know my father but from what my mum said, he’s from Yoruba, Ondo State to be precise.

Since my boyfriend is also from Yoruba, my Father’s tribe, will it be right for me to tell him about my pregnancy and insist that we keep it and get married? Or should I get rid of the pregnancy and follow my uncle’s wish even though I don’t love this so called friend of his?

i need advice and suggestions pls
Thank you!