She is one of the models making waves in Lagos. According to Okoduwa Ebanehita, she has never modelled nude and is not likely to do so soon. She says she has not mustered the courage to go bare because she is shy.
But she definitely can model any scanty fashion item – hot pants, bikinis, micro minis, among others. She tells Adaeze Amos in this interview that her breasts are assets that have fetched her compliments.
Apart from modelling and acting, what other things do you have passion for?
I love make-up a lot. When I was in school, I used to apply make-up for my friends and I did it so well. I also do presenting and my first presentation was on the Basket Mouth’s Big Friday Show. I took part in the production of 9ja Sings and for now, I’m working on 9ja Got Talent.

What are some challenges that you are confronted with in modelling?
The major challenge is that jobs don’t really come easily. You have to struggle to get it. At times when you are targeting one, and you lose it at the end, you feel bad. You feel bad after smiling to the judges whose faces are not pleasant just to impress them When you lose they would not call you to explain why you didn’t get the job. At times while scrutinising you to see if you are fit for the job, they ask questions you are not prepared to answer.

What questions are you talking about?
What I’m saying is that they may ask you to model a weave-on or the compact powder you applied as if you are advertising it for buyers. You start thinking of how to do it on the spot unprepared. After trying your best, you may be told that your best is not good enough. You go home looking gloomy. At times, when you get the job, you spend much money trying to get yourself fully ready to deliver and give them your best. The meager amount you would be paid at last may not cover the amount you spent. For instance, there was a job I had somewhere on Victoria Island. At the end of the show, the models were paid a paltry N5,000. I spent so much money for the auditioning and at the end I was just paid N5,000. I felt bad and the worst was that the show ended around midnight. It was difficult coming home from the Island to the Mainland where I live.

Have you been sexually harassed by your manager or in your modelling career?
No, I have not. I never had that kind of experience. My manager is responsible, so, there is no room for that.

Don’t some of your colleagues do that?
Yes, some of them do. They sleep with their managers just to get jobs. I have not done this before and I’m not prepared to do it, after all modelling is not do-or-die. If you fail to get a particular modelling job today, another one would come the next day. I won’t give my body for anything because I believe when it is my time to get something real big, I will get it. God’s time is the best. When you use your body to get jobs, your conscience will be condemning you, telling you, you were not fit for the job if not for your body you offered.

Can you spell your style?
I love fashion first and foremost. I love colours too. Sweet and feminine colours; that is why I have my 10 fingers painted in different shades of nail polish. I wear gowns a lot and I also wear the mix-and-match with ‘old school’ African wax that our mothers used to tie as double wrapper. I love fashion and makeovers.

What is it about fashion that puts you off in this part of the world?
The funny dresses some girls wear put me off and then the colour blocking that is in vogue now, some girls abuse it. There are cool ways of blocking colours. Another thing that puts me off about fashion in this part of the world is the way some girls wear hot pants and they walk down the streets of Lagos. I wear hot pants but that is only in my house or in a good environment. I could wear such stuff while driving because I’m in my car and nobody sees me. Another annoying thing is low-rise jeans of which they sit on motorbike and have the upper parts of their butt on display. That annoys honestly.

What is that fashion item you won’t go close to?
The rubber sandals that are in vogue now. They are so rampant that you see them on almost every girl. I prefer leather sandals.

Who are the Nigerian women you admire?
I admire Genevieve Nnaji. In fact, I started admiring her while I was quite young. Not only me; my dad admires her too. I also like Rita Dominic because of the way she dresses. I love her complexion.

What puts you off in people?
Lies, nasty behaviours, nasty attitudes. Even if you have nasty attitude or irritable temper, there are better ways to manage it. I don’t like someone that constantly frowns. Always smile; it has a way of attracting favour to you no matter what you may be passing through. When you smile, you cover stress and you are more unlikely to have early wrinkles.

Can you model nude?
I’m shy to go nude before my guy much less modelling nude before people. I don’t think I can do that. I have not done it before but when I’m alone in my room, I can comfortably go nude and stand before the mirror.

Are you more likely to enlarge your breasts?
No! I’m okay with the size of my boobs. When I was much younger, I was slimmer than I am now, but my boobs were really big. When I pull off, the first thing you would notice about me was my boobs. My friends in school used to tell me I had firm and beautiful boobs. Honestly, I had a lot of compliments concerning my boobs, up till this moment. I had a lot of ‘I like your boobs’ compliments. Now, I have come to accept the fact that I have beautiful boobs. I love them, they are my best assets.

Could you talk on your love life?
I’m in a relationship with a Yoruba guy who is calm, loving, caring and he supports my dream always. He wants to know what is going on around me always and that makes me love him more.

What is his name?
Boo Ajewole.

Who exactly is Okoduwa Ebanehita?
Okoduwa is a model who of course is full of life. I’m fun to be with. I never had a dull moment around me. I hail from Edo State. I am the first daughter from a family of five. I hold a BSc in Statistics from Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma and a certificate in Desktop Publishing and Data Processing. I’m a model because that is what I have passion for. My first outing was a soap entitled, ‘Big Star’ which was shot in 2007 in Warri, Delta state. The one I did recently will be out in October.