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Are you one of those people who are willing to have a relationship, but reluctant to take responsibility to change your way of living as a couple? Would you rather maintained your single way of living, thinking and hoping that you can have the best of both world? Unfortunately, your sense of irresponsibility towards your relationship will only cause detrimental effect and eventually destroy your relationship. The fact is, you’ll not gain much success in your relationship until you learn how to fix a relationship by contributing fairly and responsibly towards building and maintaining a good and happy relationship.


There is a price tagged to your decision to end your single-hood and to be in relationship with someone you loved. You no longer get to enjoy the kind of freedom you used to get when you were single. Remember that you are now not only responsible for your own well-being, but for your partner’s one as well.

Therefore, the freedom of doing whatever and whenever you wish is rather impractical without jeopardizing your relationship with your partner. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you have become a prisoner in your own relationship, totally without freedom of choice. It simply means being in a relationship, you have the responsibility to involve your partner in most aspects of your life now.

One of the many responsibilities being in a relationship is to have joint discussion on major decision, sharing good and bad moments, and keeping each other informed of things are deemed necessary to ensure a healthy relationship. Failing to do so would be deemed as irresponsible and would result in an unhappy relationship. It’s important to learn how to fix a relationship that has been destroyed due to irresponsibility by avoiding irresponsible behavior in various aspects of your life.

  • Finances

Money is important but it’s not everything as it does not guarantee you a happy relationship. Sometimes people who don’t have enough may be happier. However, it is crucial for couples to discuss and plan their finances together as to avoid any financial hiccups.

Some partners refuse to share financially, some only contribute a small portion to the household expenses but spend lavishly on themselves. These partners are being irresponsible and selfish.They caused a lot of financial stress and arguments in their relationship. Learn how to fix a relationship by being a responsible partner. The key ingredients for maintaining a happy and healthy relationship are to discuss, plan, and spend your money within your means.

  • Household Chores

Most people look forward to go home after a long and stressful day at work. The last thing that you wish to have on your to-do-list is tons of household chores to be completed when you get home. It can be very frustrating and tiring to do all the household chores by yourself. More so if your irresponsible partner is only giving you a helping hand in messing up the place.

For example, some irresponsible partners just leave things that they have used around the house without washing them or putting them back at the respective places.This irresponsible attitude may cause a lot of frustration and resentment in a relationship and may destroy your relationship in the long run. To maintain a harmonious relationship, couples should share the household chores so that they do not feel overburdened and can have more quality time to spend with each other.

  • Personal Time

Try to keep your dependence and independence in balance. It’s important for you to spend time with your partner and share interest but allowing some personal time is equally important to your relationship. This time away from each other helps to maintain harmony by giving you a sense of individuality.

However, do not abuse your personal time by hanging out with your friends more than with your partner. Often times, being irresponsible, you have the tendency to abuse your personal time for the wrong reasons. For example; coming home late, never keep your partner informed of your whereabouts and eventually forgetting and neglecting your partner who is anxiously waiting and worrying for you at home. This irresponsible behavior will soon cause a lot of conflict and affect the harmony in your relationship.

The truth is, irresponsibility is so detrimental and may destroy a relationship. Hence, couples who wish to have and maintain a happy relationship are advised to learn how to fix a relationship by avoiding all the irresponsible behavior to their best ability.