Woman finds Ex Boyfriend living in her attics

When you hear those bumps and thumps in the night, your mind races to all kinds of far fetched ideas. Maybe it’s a robber, an animal sniffing around for some food, or even a wandering spirit.

But most of us would never imagine that those mysterious noises were coming from an ex boyfriend, especially an ex from over a decade ago.

It sounds like something out of thriller, murder mystery type flick.But you know what they say, sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. Unfortunately, this tale of the lurking ex boyfriend is all too real for Rock Hill, South Carolina resident, Tracy.

Tracy, who is the single mother of five children, had been hearing all kind of strange noises coming from her attic and noticed that nails were starting to pop out of the ceiling in her bedroom.

This past Saturday, at 2:30 in the morning, she thought “something ain’t right” and decided to send her adult sons and nephew into the attic to find out what was going on. Needless, to say nothing could have prepared them for what they were about to discover.

In the attic, they found Tracy’s ex boyfriend, from twelve years ago, sleeping on old coats and jackets in her heating unit. Before the police could come and arrest him, the man made his way downstairs and out of the house.

When police searched the attic they found plastic cups filled with urine and feces and noticed that the man had tampered with one of the vents so he could look down on Tracy in her bedroom.
Though Tracy and her ex had broken up twelve years ago, she had him do some repair work on her house about a year ago. But that’s not even the half. Earlier this year, dude was arrested for stealing Tracy’s car and was just released two weeks ago. Though he wrote Tracy letters during his incarceration, she ignored them. Apparently, he was going to keep tabs on her one way or another.

What makes the story even worse is that the man escaped and is still on the loose somewhere, which is why Tracy refused to release her last name. Though, I don’t know what good that would really do since homeboy already knows where you live and how to get in and out of your house, undetected.

It’s all way too much. If there were ever an argument as to why you shouldn’t let your exes back into your life and your home, this pretty much sums it up.

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