does my best friend want my husband

My best friend divorced with her husband, now she’s after mine, I have been friends with my best-friend who is like a sister to me for 14 years.

Recently, she split up with her husband and has been sad and lonely. She has been confiding in my husband a lot about her issues and wanting his opinion which is fine by me.

Recently i wanted to help take her mind off things, so I set aside a girls’ day for us to hang out, and even got a sitter for our kids. She knew it’s was suppose to be just us, but she invited my husband,When he was taking a shower to get ready, she opened the door on him and very flirty, she yelled “see ya later honey” (cause we were going to drop off kids).

She didn’t look, but my husband and I both think it was wrong. Later she flirted with him even more, and tried to hang out with him and talk to him the whole day, like he was her best friend all of a sudden.

I asked him about it, and he said that he was not sure what was going on, and assured me it isn’t him.

A day later she called while I was asleep, and he told her I was sleeping, and she kept trying to talk to him. She asked him if he would be okay with her calling him at 2am to come over to her house. She said someone tried to open her apartment door the night before.

However, no one can even enter her building without a key. Even if some one did try to come in her apartment, it would take my husband 25 minutes to even get there. So, why him? Well, my husband thought this was iffy, and informed me of what she said to him.