Social media is akin to a two-edged sword: if handled wisely and responsibly, its benefits are immeasurable but an irresponsible or malicious use of same, could leave disastrous effects in its wake. But by and large, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages – at least for now.

Sometime in July, perhaps feeling threatened by the growing influence and application of social media tools among Nigerians, Senate President, Senator David Mark, had called for a check on the menace of social media on the Nigerian society, saying it was been used by people to demean their leaders.

Maybe he was right but he forgot that the people didn’t just wake up one day to start hurling insults at their leaders. Something gave and there was an instant reaction!

But in view of recent happenings, it appears the Senator has now come to full terms with the importance of social media in our daily lives as well as social sphere as he was quoted as saying, “With the help of Social media, the faces of the killers of the boys were notified.”

That comment was in reaction to the vicious murder of four undergraduate students of UNIPORT. Social media has come to stay in Nigeria and the earlier that fact is accepted, the better for all.