I have a problem that I can’t share with anyone close to me.

My best friend and I grew up together and since the day we met when we were 11 we were inseparable. We did and still do everything together. We went to the same University and we were roommates after we graduated for a couple years.

She ended up moving out with her fiance and I bought a house and focused on my career. Since then we definitely don’t spend as much time together as we used to and because our lives took different turns. She’s had 3 babies in the last few years and I am the Godmother of the last born. We still live fairly close to each other and her husband and I became close over the time they dated up until now.

I think he’s a good looking man and I always thought he was attractive. Lately, he’s been complaining about her not taking care of herself, not losing the baby weight and always looking shabby but he works out all the time and complained to me about her not going to the gym and changing over the duration of their marriage.

A few weeks ago I babysat for her and she forgot to take some the clothes she bought to my house so she sent her husband to come get them. It was late and I had been drinking and when he came in I offered him a drink which led to about 3 drinks and we ended up having sex.

My friend called me right before he left and said that she was so happy that me and her husband are friends and that we get along so well and that she could trust me with him. I’ve betrayed my best friend and Godchildren in the worse way possible and I can’t live with myself .I’m so shamed of my actions and giving into my impulses.

I haven’t been able to talk to her like we normally do and I don’t know what to do……I made a HUGE mistake.

Please tell me what should I do?