Hello, I hope you’re having a good Sunday. I’m sure you get a lot of mails but I’ll appreciate it if you can post mine as I’d like to get advice from people who’ve been in my shoes. My problem isn’t relationship or séx related, its smoking. I’m a 27 year old lady and a successful lawyer.

I’ve been smoking since I was 18, I started it just for the fun of it but then I eventually got addicted. Its so bad, my parents even know and beg me to desist from it but I just can’t. I’d much rather smoke than eat. I know of the health hazards (obviously) and presently I’m having serious chest pains and shortness of breathe but I still can’t help myself. Also I worry that my smoking must have driven away several prospective suitors/boyfriends because of the light in which it is seen in Nigeria. Please click to continue reading.
Mind you, I’m not wayward or anything; I’d much rather smoke in the confines of a room than out in the open (in fact sometimes I lodge in guest houses all by myself for a day or two just so that I can just chill and smoke). I don’t do weed or skunk, just cigarettes. Anyway I don’t want to drone on and on but I would really appreciate tips on quitting smoking .

And also I would like to hear from guys, I know there’s a double standard, but what do you think about women who smoke? Would u consider a serious relationship/marriage with a lady who smokes, is it a deal breaker? I’m asking because I’m a successful career-driven lady who’s well groomed and also very pretty (I’m not being conceited). I’m also quite domesticated and generally a decent person. But I sometimes wonder if smoking is the reason for some failed relationships I’ve been in.

Thanks and God bless you.