Writing to you is the last thing I would have ever thought of doing but I am left with no option. I am a 35 year old Christian and I have a problem, my private parts are too big and this has led to all the women I marry running away.

I have never believed in looking for prostitutes to satisfy myself since it is against my beliefs but as my problems increase I think it’s the only option am left with.

7 years ago I married my first wife and after a month she could not handle it and left. Since then I stopped dating young girls as I know they may not manage the size of my private parts, but look for women who are either divorced or widowed since they are kind of used to sleeping with men.

I have married four women but all of them have packed and left, none of them have my children and am worried am growing old and people say I am a good man who is hard working.

What did I wrong? All I want is a family, I feel like committing suicide. Is there a way I can reduce the size of my private part?

Kindly help!!!