I’m a young guy of 31years in love with a 27yrs old lady.

She’s beautiful, down to earth, good cook and good in bed, she does my house chores and got alot of respect for me.
In fact she’s a wife material though she has a child (daughter) out of wedlock, which she told me earlier..
I’m deeply in love with this lady. I proposed to her and she accepted.
I introduced her to all my family members and they all like her..
But the problem is that, I just discovered she has stretch marks on her arms and breast and the sight of it irritates me alot.
She also has big tummy which I don’t like..I wonder which kind of wedding gown she’s going to wear with all the stretch marks on her body..
I’m kinda confused right now cos i hate stretch mark and big tummy.. Pls i need your advice on wat to do.

[audio http://www.hulkshare.com/dl/ci34xdrgwz2m/Bad%20design.mp3]