If your marriage has become dull and boring, your probably need some advice on how to keep a relationship going. Arrange for the two of you to try some new adventures because your marriage may need a refreshment. If you are both the athletic type, enter yourselves into some type of physical competition. If the two of you like the fine arts, audition for roles in a local community theatre. Perhaps you like to travel. If so, arrange for a short trip to some place exotic that you have never been before.

A Day at the Spa

For loving couples where the mother or father stays home and takes care of the children all day long, show your appreciation for the hard work it takes. Hire a babysitter for about four hours and give your mate a gift certificate to a local spa where they can enjoy a relaxing massage, mineral springs, sauna, mud wrap, or whatever special treatments are available.

A day at the Movies

Having a movie marathon on a rainy or cold Saturday can be a great relationship enhancer. Put all your errands and chores on hold and head to your nearest theater. Hit three or four movies and mix it up. Buy the theater popcorn and drinks but sneak your own candy in. This is a great way to spend some fun and loving time together, holding hands or cuddling, while sharing some laughs and maybe tears watching a variety of flicks.

A Walk in the Park

Spending quality time together where you can talk and just enjoy each other’s company is critical to a good and loving relationship. Plan a nice walk in the park to include relaxing on the grass upon a comfortable blanket while having a good old-fashioned picnic. Take this time to talk, watch other people with their kids, and then just walk around, hand-in-hand.

A trip to the Pound

If you and your mate love animals, another way to strengthen your relationship could be to take a trip to the local animal shelter and pick out a dog or cat that needs a good home. Adopting an animal that needs a home can be a wonderful way to have something that you both can care for and love together. This will create time for long walks, taking your new dog on a walk, or hours of playing with a sweet and funny cat.

You can go online and search for even more adventure ideas for enriching your relationship or marriage.

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