jim iyke biological son

Actor Jim Iyke has an eleven year old son and he is said to have just found out. The son named Mario Ikechukwu lives in the UK with her mother and the actor was only told about his son days ago by a cousin.

It is said that Jim Iyke and Chantelle Nkechi Benson were an item while she was an undergraduate in Abia State University. She travelled to the United Kingdom while she was four months pregnant with Mario and on giving birth to their son, decided to raise the child without Jim Iyke.

Jim Iyke is said to be in shock. The actor is yet to see his son but said to have had a phone conversation with him.

We hope father and son bond very well. Chantelle is a drop dead beauty and is financially stable.When she was contacted she said ”Please, Jim has been very nice and trying to bond with his son. I really don’t know how you got this info but I don’t want my son out there”.