10. Buy shoe protectors, replace as the need arises.
9. In relation to number 10, carry an extra pair of foot wear (preferably slippers) in your bag (men inclusive). That bag should also carry the following: a small umbrella, water bottle and small chops to go.

8. Wear casual clothes to work, change into your official clothes at work, then change back to the casual clothes for the journey back home. You don’t want to look too official while trekking.
7. For the ladies, this is the time to smile from ear to earwith that ugly male colleague who drives a car and lives near your residence.
6. For the guys, buy a car before your girlfriend’s colleague starts to take her home.
5. Save the money for your gym membership, you are getting enough exercise already.
4. Start trekking groups in your office, class, church, mosque etc. After all it is said that a trek trekked with companion is no trek at all.
3. Learn how to entertain yourself in your own space. Stock up on game consoles, books, magazines, movies etc. Pay that DSTV subscription too.
2. As the crime rate increases due to the okada ban, buya gun.
1. If none of the above works, pack go your village and fulfill Fashola’s innate dream for Lagos state.