Nigerian Celebrities Need Attitudinal ChangeCelebrities all over the world are loved and seen as icons because they depict peace and love. Contrary to what is obtainable among some Nigerian celebrities, it seems that the fame has gotten into their heads so much that some of them abuse, shun or sometimes fight their fans, the people who made them. Anthony Ada Abraham in this piece exposes some entertainers, who are considered pompous.

A lot of entertainment critics believe that fame is not for sale but when it comes, it should be a blessing instead of a curse.
While celebrities around the globe want to do everything possible to leave their footprint in the sand of their time, especially in order for their fans to be able to easily understand and relate with them, some others behave like ‘scum’ probably because they have no proper understanding of what fame really entails.

The rationale behind celebrities especially in Nigeria getting into a fight with their fans, abandoning shows and being disrespectful to journalist is something entertainment pundits deem bizarre.
“You would not believe that I went to a show at Sheraton with my friends and tried to take a shot with a musician, in a show I paid to watch but what happened was baffling, he just looked down on all of us, it took the bouncers intervention to pull us back. If he had been courteous enough to just speak to us, we would have loved it. That is why I will continue to respect Tuface even with all the security around him he would still want to please his fans,” Perpetual Ocheje stated.
In a recent show at 3js Hotel Utako, people were amaze at Waconzy’s attitude, when the DJ’s couldn’t play his music after he got on stage, left the show abruptly instead of trying to calm the nerves of the audience, who are eager to hear him sing pending when the DJ is able to fix the problem. He rather choose to abruptly abandoned the show, an attitude which further angered the audience.
According to Mystique, an upcoming artiste, who was an eyewitness, he said he did not expect that Waconzy would stoop so low as abandoning a show, simply because the DJ had a hard time playing his song, when he was on stage to perform.
“Even though he couldn’t perform due to some technical problem, which could happen to anyone and could also be fixed, he just left the show abruptly. That is why I believe that we should always think before we act.”
In a telephone interview with Wacony on the reason why he left the show abruptly at the peak of it all, when everybody is enjoying the show, he said he was on stage for about five minutes and the DJ could not play his song, so he had to leave.
“It is not my fault you know, I had a lot of shows that night and I was on stage for about five minutes and nothing happened, so I had to leave. It is not as if I don’t want to perform, it’s just that the DJ was not doing it well. But the organiser understands.”
Also, a source who witnessed an incident in Benin said Nigeria celebrities and Labour leaders were on ground for a rally in support of the re-election bid of Adams Oshiomole in Benin, where artistes were given the opportunity to perform. When Terry G came up to perform, considering the time allotted to each artiste, the moderator of the event got up to take the MIC from him and he rudely threw the MIC at him because he felt he needed more time to perform.
This made lots of people angry and some people even attested to the fact that but for the tight security, he would have been dealt with by angry fans.
Timaya is another celebrity, whose irrational attitude of publicly assaulting a fan and threatening another star, Empress Njama was received with shock. It made news across the country, even as the act was seriously condemned by all. Omotola was once reported to have rudely shunned a reporter, who was eager to ask her some vital questions.
But for recurrent hunting of celebrities in the United States by the paparazzi, there would have been easy access to stars in that part of the world. Some weeks back write up on ‘Celebrities and Humanitarianism’ seem to be a wakeup call as Nollywood stars, Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme popularly known as Aki and Pawpaw respectively, were recently in Delta State, South-South Nigeria, to cheer up the flood victims in that state. The duo were on ground to cheer up the victims and make them laugh off their calamity.
Aki and Pawpaw were reportedly well received by the victims of the flood in Delta State, who showed excitement and expressed joy in having their movie stars identify with them in time of trouble.
On Linda Ikeji’s blog, she posted a picture showing Jim Iyke putting on a Shirt with the inscription, “shame on you girls, I am still a bachelor” And lots of them were so pained that they reacted thus.
Judith: “Is that a new pick up line? Try harder dude, maybe someone will be willing to make you a married man.”
“I thought he was going out with a Jamaican lady, what happened ehhh! ‘abi she dump am?’ all the same any woman wey marry Jim dey find trouble for her life, so make dem no say dey were not warned. Ladies Beware!
Bonario Nnags said:  “No lady is ready to bear the pain of being wiped with a belt. Linda would have been a good match but you destroyed the best you could have had. Ladies, it is better to be in shame than shreds. Ask K solo wife.”
An anonymous person also said “Please may I remind you guys that his being single is not because he is bad as you all claim because in Nigerian a man’s character does not count, it is only a woman’s character that matters. Even ritualists and native doctors get married; so please look for something else to hate because if Jim wants 100 women in one day he will get because they beg and harass him every day. Since they all give him what a woman gives to her husband only for free every day why would he not be confused?
Nigerian celebrities should work on their attitude towards fans and the media because they have the capability to make or mar you.

– Leadership