Am a lady of 24yrs and in a serious relationship for d past 3 and half yrs.
When my bf and I first met, we do av sèx almost everyday, at times six(6) rounds in a day but as time goes on,I don’t always have the desire to have sèx wit him even if he tries to put me in the mood,It at times irritates me when he suck my b00bs, I tried telling him but he thinks as time goes things will change but the worst and concerning part is dat I love to av sex with other guys without feeling irritated wen these guys suck my b00bs and av been sleeping with diff guys just to please myself and I don’t feel irritated by that.
I try to stop it but d yearn for sèx keeps coming and my bf can’t satisfy me and most importantly he does only one round and I always want more dan dat. I also realize that am very free on bed with other guys, free to have sèx in different styles than with my bf.
Pls dear readers what do u think I should do cos I don’t know how to stop all these act. I don’t mind insults cos am sure there are people worse dan dis here.