I recently returned from Nigeria after witnessing the most horrific incident of my life. At the moment, I am trying to make sense of what happened to me back home because i am still in shock.

I have been living in Italy for almost 7 years now. My father died many years ago leaving only me and mother. I have had to fend for my mother ever since I was young. 9 years ago, I decided to move to Europe for greener pastures to enable me to make more money and also take care of my mother.

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I spent the better part of my first year traveling by road and sea, looking for a way to get into Europe. After a couple of attempts and a lot of paper connection, I was able to get into Europe through Turkey. I spent some months in Turkey and found another way to get into Greece. I spent a year in Greece struggling before my boyfriend who I met in Greece found a way to get me into Italy.

I have spent 6 years in Italy, struggling and facing many oddities of life. I won’t even advise any woman take less of my enemies to experience what I have passed through.

When I first came into Italy, I went around with a refugee paper knowing fully well that someday I might have to leave Italy and return home. Every money I made, I sent it back home to mother. I had to squat in a room with about 5 girls just to save all themoney I was making so that I could send it home.

I had even made plans with my mother on how I was going to use part of the moneyto build a house, start a small business so that we can be comfortable and never have to worry about money. I told her to use money as she needed and even told her to buy all the clothes and jewelry she always wanted to buy. In short, I gave her free access to the money and even the bank account was in her name since she was the one who opened it for me.

She was very happy. She never failed to tell me how happy she was whenever i called her. She kept heaping praises on me. She knew all the latest attires, attended all the weddings in the area with the women’s group she recently joined. To top it all, she had recently gotten a boyfriend who was very much younger than her. She was happy and I was happy for her.

Luckily for me, I was able to get a residency permit for two year. I no longer had a refugee status. I was a full fledged Italian resident. It meant that I could go home and come back to Italy without any problems. I called my mom and told her the good news and informed her that I would be coming home for a visit. To my surprise, she did not seem interested at all but rather gave an excuse that I would be spending too much money. 

I did not think much of her statement but decided that before the weeks runs out that I was going to buy a ticket back home to Nigeria. This was how I bought a ticket and left for Nigeria.

My flight was supposed to arrive in Lagos in the afternoon with an onward journey to Benin City. I gave my mother the arrival details and I also told her that i would be arriving by flight into Benin. She told me not to worry that she was going to send some of her friends to pick me up from the airport and drive me down to Benin City. She said it was a few hours journey to Benin and also that I would get to see the view along the way.

I waited for almost 4 hours at the Lagos airport before they arrived. They were three middle aged men who seemed very happy to see me. I was also happy to see them because I knew that I was one step closer to seeing my lovely mother. I called her on the phone and told her that they had arrived to pick me up. She sounded excited and even spoke to one of them for almost 10 minutes before hanging up.

I was told that because it was getting late that they would not be able to drive down to Benin that evening. The older man in the group told me that we would have to stay in a hotel for the night before we left for Benin in the morning. They picked up my luggage’s and we drove out in search for a hotel.

We lodged at a hotel close to the airport. I was too excited to go to sleep so I decided to hang out with the guys. We talked, eat and talked some more. i was so happy with them that I even opened one of luggage’s and shared some of the clothes I brought with me.

At about 2AM in the morning, I excused myself to the bathroom. As I was coming out of the bathroom, I saw the three of them talking in a very suspicious and low tone. Immediately they saw me, they pretended as if nothing was happening. A couple of minutes later, one of them calls me up and tells me that he had something important he needed to tell me.

To my shock, he told me that they were hired assassins sent to kill me in Lagos. He said that the woman he spoke to on the phone was the one who paid them to kill me. This was when I shouted “Iye” and almost collapsed. I said to them ” how can my mother kill me, I am the only child of my mother”. They told me that they did not know that she was my mother and that they were only hired to kill me.

I was told that they would let me go and the only reason why was because I was good to them and that they also had a change of mind. I was told to get on the next flight back to Italy and never to return to Nigeria because my mother was bent on killing me. They took some of my money and some of the items I bought and hurriedly left the hotel. Still in shock, I bought a ticket and returned to Italy within 24 hours.

This was my ordeal in Nigeria. It is almost a week now, i don’t even know where to start from because I am still in shock. My mother has not even tried to contact me and I’m even scared to call. Till now, I am still waiting for her call. Please, what do I do?