What would one person do with 120 Pairs of Christian Louboutin? that’s just a brand, not to talk of several other brands of shoes. That’s not all, the same person also has in her collection 30 Hermes bags, costing on the average about £5000 each, meaning for the Hermes bags alone that about £150,000 Pounds.

The Louboutins at about £500 each would come to £60,000. That’s £210,000 for just 2 brands in the wardrobe of a 28 years old woman, estimated to £300 Million Pounds.

Mind you, the Hermes bags is only estimated at its cheapest, some are between £5000 to as much as £150,000 Pounds. Remember also, that the Louboutins are not the Nigerian type ones. So welcome to Tamara Ecclestone’s world.
Most probably if a poll is conducted, its might just reveal that Nigerians wear more Louboutins and carry more Hermes than other nationalities of the world.