Naeto C Attacks Sturvis Media Vice President
Sunday, December 16, 2012
​Naetochuckwu Chikwe popularly known as Naeto C has shown his love for his wife by fighting in public. Reports say that the rapper went uncivilised at DJ Neptunes’ wedding, held at City Hall, Lagos Island.

Eyewitnesses confirm it all started at the reception of the wedding, when mr Lewis Grant, blogger with Sturvs Media mistakenly stepped on Nicole Chukwueke, Naeto C’s wife’s dress. The blogger was taking pictures of DJ Neptunes and his wife at the reception when he stepped on Nicole’s dress who was standing with Naeto C right behind Lewis.

Sources said that Naeto C pushed Lewis and commanded him to get out of his presence. Lewis reportedly told Naeto C not to command him like a little boy, that won him a slap.

Naeto C didn’t stop at the slap, he went further tearing Lewis’ shirt before military men joined him to beat hell out of Lewis.

Probably, the rapper forgot that fighting in someone’s wedding could spoil the fun of the wedding.

Hmmmm no comment…. But am kinda wondering if this gown this dude stepped on is made with diamonds….