Obviously when you break up with your ex sometimes, you desperately want to talk about the terrible things they’ve done, how much of an ass-hole they’ were and the BS you had to put up with.

Regardless of the situation, there are some things you just shouldn’t talk about..

He’s a Broke-ass: Whether or not he is rich or broke isn’t something you should discuss post break up. He might not be making all the money in the world but that is certainly nothing you should make a general topic among your friends.

The Sex: so what if the sex was horrible and made you roll your eyes every time you committed the act? Is that the excuse you have for spilling the details every time you feel bad for what he did to you?

The feelings you still feel: Like how much in love with him you still are and how much you want to be with him again if you had the chance. Let the feelings go because the more you spill it out, the more you are likely to think about it and the less likely you are to move on.
The Qualities you missed about your ex: His kindheartedness, his generosity and his selflessness, the list might go on and on but enough of talking about it already. Let it go once the relationship is over.

The Secrets: Whatever he told you in close confidence must be kept secret even when you guys are not together. The break up shouldn’t be a reason for you to go spilling whatever he told you in confidence while you both dated.
How your folks received him: Do not discuss about how well your parents received your ex and how much they loved him, your present man already has enough to deal with thinking about facing the parents, don’t add to his anxiety by talking about the love your people had for him.

He was a jerk: As much as you might want to get on the roof and shout to the world how happy that you are free from your low life of a boyfriend, you are not permitted to go telling the whole world how much of a jerk he was.