Once upon a time, President Goodluck Jonathan was the darling of Obama and Obasanjo. What then went wrong? What was President Goodluck Jonathan’s crimes against these two men who now side with enemies of our democracy and peace?


Obama’s anger with President Goodluck Jonathan stems from GEJ’s refusal to permit the signing into law of Abortion Bill and Gay marriage law in Nigeria. Obama who is now the world advocate for gay marriage threatened and carried out sanctions against Nigeria because GEJ stood by morality and said NO to the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah.
That was GEJ’s sin. Since then his government have been accused by the once friendly Obama of corruption, abuse of human rights (i.e. refusal of gay rights), our country was denied from buying arms to fight Boko Haram which were all ploys to make GEJ look bad and orchestrated by America. Ironically, an APC governor tried signing abortion into law in his state. This same APC governor we heard, also was the first to give approval for signing of gay law. Rumor even had it that the 27 hospitals in that state was funded by proponents of abortion law and had since been abandoned when the APC governor couldn’t get the bill passed. Is it that there is an understanding between America and APC whereby they will support Buhari and in exchange he endorses those two laws? With Buhari’s desperation for power which have made him stoop so low as to seek council from the same Obasanjo he once called corrupt, I won’t be surprised if such a secret agreement have not been reached with the way proponents of gay marriage being America and Britain are now in support of him. Recently Nigeria procured the required arms from anti-gay countries like Russia and China and are now showing Boko Haram shege and America is complaining about our relationship with Russia and China. Doesn’t this indicate something? Even with America’s cold feet in handling ISIS and their new chip to be planted in the forehead or hand just like the bible said in Revelations, I wonder whether America is now a Godly country or have the Anti-Christ taken over?

President Goodluck Jonathan’s crime against General Olusegun Obasanjo is simply his refusal to be the old man’s puppy dog and by extension, OBJ’s third tenure. After the failure of his third term bid, the old warhorse and military strategist had been skimming on how to get that third tenure by proxy. His plan seemed to mature when he foisted on Nigeria a dying Northerner positioning beside him a quiet lecturer who he hoped would be very submissive to him thereby indirectly hand him back the reins of power in Nigeria. His first gamble hit jackpot and President Yar Adua died cheating the North of their chance which had always been OBJ’s plan. Unfortunately, his second gamble didn’t work as planned and GEJ turned out to have a transformatory mindset which the founder of corruption in Nigeria OBJ would not have and since then the attacks started climaxing with his tearing of his PDP membership card. Personally I see that action as a spiritual deliverance for PDP. It is very unfortunate that an ex-president of his standing would stoop this low to be used for theatrical gimmicks. Noble leaders like Yakubu Gowon, Shehu Shagari, Ibrahim Badamusi Babangida, Alex Shonekan rarely make fool of themselves the way the Otta farmer is doing. Those other heads of government offer advice when they deem fit and never try to cause unrest as the old general in Otta is doing. Ironically Obasanjo and Tinubu are re-engineering Obasanjo’s plan this time with a kinsman in the person of Osinbanjo, a supposed pastor. The plan can’t be far from the first as its clear that Buhari isn’t in the best of health. This time around with these two old corruptors around the poor Redeemed pastor, Nigeria would definitely be doomed once Buhari expires on seat like Yar Adua and Osinbanjo takes over. Its very unfortunate that in a country with very intelligent people, we are still fooled by men of lesser academic backgrounds armed only with very corrupt backgrounds. The Northerner calling for Buhari is very pathetic as once again the crafty Otta general will cheat them of their chance. Buhari on the other hand has displayed selfishness associated with age whereby he loses reasoning to understand that a younger more alive Northerner like Tambuwal or Kwankwaso would have made a better bet with chances of outliving the eight years of their tenures which unfortunately Buhari cannot (let’s be realistic the man is old and it can happen anytime and the North is once again cheated by Obasanjo and Tinubu).

To my dear President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, a thousand shall fall by your right side and ten thousand by you left but nothing evil shall befall you for those with you are by far greater than those ganging up against you. God Bless You Mr. President

By Mazi Obinna Akuwudike