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Our appearance is given to us by nature but our beauty is something that we create ourselves. Even if you don’t look like a top model you still have all chances to be one of the most attractive girls. Sure, it takes some time but the results will be impressive. Every woman dreams about fresh and glowing skin that makes us look young and beautiful. To achieve the desirable effect it is necessary to care for your skin daily. Moisturizing is the main thing you should keep in mind when speaking about skin care. Most women usually choose different expensive products containing chemicals to moisturize their skin, but there are lots of other healthy and effective ways to do this. You’ll be surprised to know that some natural products can help you keep your skin moisturized and balanced. Here are the best ways to care for your skin naturally after the cut Continue reading

Tonto Dikeh shows off hot bikini body in Glitz magazine

Sexy mama!
 The actress shared the photo on her Instagram page today. Nice bod!

We all know she cannot act but damn, shawty so fine and cute with a body like that, she can get any movie role she wants!  fair and fine


Leather is usually not in regular rotation in the average person’s wardrobe, but Kim Kardashian isn’t exactly your average person — except when it comes to the all-too-familiar fail associated with the risky fabric: bunching.

We can’t even remember that last time we’ve opted for anything leather because the thought of showing off an unseemly gathering in the crotch or rear vicinity is enough of a deterrent for us. Kim, on the other hand, is fearless. The reality star has worn all sorts of leather looks, from mini skirts to leggings to harem pants (unfortunately, those do exist).

Back to the leggings though. Kanye’s main squeeze decided to give those another go on Tuesday while passing through LAX airport. But, alas, the risk didn’t pay off this time. As soon as Kim showed her backside, that sneaky leather decided to ride up in that unfortunate upper thigh area — yikes! We doubt this is what the fashion entrepreneur had in mind.

Check out Kim’s leather legging ensemble below and tell us what you think. Do you wear the fabric or do you avoid it for the same reason we do?

What would one person do with 120 Pairs of Christian Louboutin? that’s just a brand, not to talk of several other brands of shoes. That’s not all, the same person also has in her collection 30 Hermes bags, costing on the average about £5000 each, meaning for the Hermes bags alone that about £150,000 Pounds.

The Louboutins at about £500 each would come to £60,000. That’s £210,000 for just 2 brands in the wardrobe of a 28 years old woman, estimated to £300 Million Pounds.

Mind you, the Hermes bags is only estimated at its cheapest, some are between £5000 to as much as £150,000 Pounds. Remember also, that the Louboutins are not the Nigerian type ones. So welcome to Tamara Ecclestone’s world.
Most probably if a poll is conducted, its might just reveal that Nigerians wear more Louboutins and carry more Hermes than other nationalities of the world.

Incredible Tips to Look Gorgeous In Just a Minute

tips to look gorgeous naturallyAren’t there days when you are in a time crunch and have absolutely no time to spare on anything that will make you feel gorgeous?

This happens very often with those who are bad with time management.

Not only do you feel awful on such days but also feel like not going out. Nonetheless, here are a few amazing ways to look gorgeous in a minute. Continue reading

Waje Covers “HOUSE OF MALIQ EXCLUSIVE” (November Cover)

Waje has been looking gorgeous on all sorts of Nigerian magazine covers these past few months, but we couldn’t be happier to reveal that she is fronting our very own online fashion magazine “HOUSE OF MALIQ EXCLUSIVE” (November Cover).Go girl!

Photography- Yomi Black
Costumes – CoCo Pink Boutique
28 Adebola Off Adeniran Ogunsanya Surulere
Style by-  House of maliQ
Make-Up Artist- Joli

Singer Adokiye’s Raunchy n Luscious Magazine Photo Shoot

Adokiye Kyrian Yvonne (a.k.a Adokiye) is a fast singer who recently debuted with two songs – “Baby Baby” ft Olamide and “Kulumo Kulumo” ft Black 70.

The River State born beauty was reportedly paid $200,000 (plus a G Wagon Mercedes Benz car) for this raunchy photo spread with a magazine tabloid in New York. (That’s what her people said, don’t shoot me :-)) And the guys can thank me later! *wink*


check her out guys ain’t she just amazing