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Peter, Paul of P-Square, their elder brother Jude Okoye and members of their crew flew to Rwanda in private jet on Thursday for a concert that held in Kigali, Rwanda yesterday December 14th as part of the country’s ruling political party’s 25thanniversary celebrations. The photo on the left is Jude Okoye flaunting thousands of dollars in cash in the jet.

The Okoye boys played to a 52 thousand sitting capacity stadium. Amahoro Stadium in Kigali was packed full to watch P-Square in concert.

Nigerian Woman Marries A Portrait Picture

This happened somewhere in Nig

Elten Naija Play Boi.

LMAO: Photo Of A Roman Catholic Num In An NYSC regalia

Like seriously?

Photo: Photo Of The Day.

What a notice. Simply put, pass through here and meet your death. This kind of notice, does it actually scare people?
WTH was that? Please who will rock this for Sallah or are you reserving it for Xmas? This is so …..

27-Year-Old Nigerian Wed 83-Year-Old Woman

I was completely stunned when i saw this Photo Online. At first, i thought it was a burial ceremony not knowing its was actually a Wedding of a 27 Year Old Man and 83 Years Old Woman.


Is the young man so daft blind that he opt for someone that is old enough to be his Grandma?
Whats you Say about this?


Naija people no go kill me, well she is obeying the law, but what is wearing the helmet? She or the scarf? Well I think one solution, ban traditional cloths on from riding on bikes


Guess the Nollywood Actor in this Photo?

Photos – Can you guess who this Handsome Nollywood Actress this Is?



Photo: Acrobatic girl uses pole for másturbation

Sometimes while we think somethings have gotten to the extreme someone just comes and breaks the record. When we received this note, we were all thinking it’s just another lady with so much of energy until the writer explained what the lady was really doing on that pole, then we decided to look closely, especially at the face. Would you agree this lady was engaging in ‘self-molestation’?

Would you wear this?