Different types of slap – Abeg no try am with anybody

(1) TAKE AWAY SLAP:- When a girl gives you a dirty slap, and all you can do is hold your face and walk away..that is take away slap.

(2) RESOUNDING SLAP:- That is when after you are hit. You keep on hearing..some funny sounds in your brain like wiiiiiiiiiii!

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7 Powerful Ways to Overcome Envy


Like Harold Coffin said, “Envy is the art of counting the other fellow’s blessings instead of your own.” It usually comes from people’s lack of belief in their own abilities and accomplishments. This feeling is peculiar to everyone. Some people struggle with it, while others suffer from envy and can do nothing about it. If you find yourself starting to feel envious over what others do or have, here are 7 ways to overcome envy.

1. Find positivity within yourself

It’s terrible to be envious of people, because you can lose control of your inner self. You should be happy for the person you are envying. It is possible to change your thoughts. If you replace them with positive ones, you will have an opportunity to rid yourself of envy. Let people enjoy their advantages, otherwise envy will destroy good and healthy relations within the circle of your friends.

2. Think of your own success

Don’t compare your achievements to other people’s goals since it makes you miserable and envious. All-sufficient people usually focus on what they have. Comparison develops critical thinking, but steals joy and buoyancy. That’s why, mind your own blessings, if you want to obtain peace of mind and become more successful
3. Life is not fair

Life is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately it’s not fair at all. You should accept it, because it’s hard to disprove this truth. Try to do your best to reach your goals and make your dreams come true. Don’t worry about things you can’t change, accept them and you will definitely feel yourself happier.

4. People may have worked hard to be successful

We usually focus attention on what do others have, but we don’t realize how hard they may have worked for what they have. Some of them had to go through fire and water to become rich and successful. Others can be still head over ears in debt and continue taking chances to make a go of it. Don’t hanker after one’s prosperity and realize that everyone gets what they deserve. This exhausting feeling usually makes people’s mind weaker.

5. Don’t let it spoil your inner self

If you are not careful, envy can eat you up. This terrible feeling can easily destroy you. Sure, it takes practice and time to overcome envy, but it will make your life much happier. Motivate yourself to achieve all your goals and stop thinking of someone’s success.

6. Your time will come

Don’t become disillusioned with your dreams. Every person usually faces ups and downs. Good fortune is not a constant thing. Let other people celebrate a bit of good fortune. Keep in mind that your time will come and then others will be bursting with envy

7. Think about other things

If you can do nothing about your obsessive feeling of envy, then turn attention to something else. Occupy yourself with various activities to free the mind of redundant thoughts. Why not plunge yourself into a favorite hobby? This can help you overcome envy and spend time doing things you like.

We all choose our own path to move on in this life. You need to overcome the feeling of envy, because you just waste your energy and your precious time. I hope these tips will help you to fight envy. Do you know any other ways to overcome envy?
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Video: Nadia Buari: I Drink Gari

The award winning Ghanaian actress who has starred in over 50 movies sits down with Golden Icons TV host Emma Emerson and speaks to her about her love for strawberries, her favorite colleague to work with Majid Michel, Beyonce, Paris, her career and yes one more thing garri (Yep, you heard us right).

Here are some details Nadia Buari shared in the Interview!
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Would you make her your secretary?

As a lady working with multinationals, it has been confirmed that the best weapon you can acrry is that of a good structure, as it tends to keep you in control all through as no ruthless person will try to stampede you but rather they will want to keep you infront as a visible doll.

Wouldn’t business sell with a voluptuos doll like this?

What it means to have a massive crispy yarnsh

These two jolly birds seem to be unaware of the effect of their display on the population of people that spread pictures all over the internet. The world is really suppose to be at the edge of banning some ladies from public appearances because no matter how covered up they are, they are still objects of many fantasies to many people.

How covered up can these ones be to stop men from wowing whenever they pass by?

One wonders the kind of examples church members learn from their leaders these days, giving the kind of atrocities that are being reported about some pastors in recent times.

31 illegal Nigerian immigrants in Copenhagen, Denmark were all arrested on prostitution on Thursday morning, rounded up in a police sweep of Istedgage, Vesterbro district of the city.
20 other suspects fled the scene and evaded capture during the raid.

Those caught were charged with holding false residency permits,working without a premit and vagrancy.

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SPECULATIONS are rife that the once harmonious relationship between the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood and its counterpart, Ghana’s Ghollywood,is currently under threat as the movie marketers under the aegis of Film, Video Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria (FVPMAN) has placed embargo  on Ghanaian films with effect from the end of this month.

The association has also resolved to halt the distribution of films produced by non-professionals. It insists that if such film(s) must be distributed at all, its right of ownership should be transferred to its members on negotiation.
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The video you are about to watch is rated NASTY and might have some side effect on you physiologically. The video can be described  as the worlds most nastiest video. This was caught on tape as the MOST STUPID THING THAT GIRLS DO IN SECRET

A 26-year-old Nigerian man, Nathaniel Udama Edu, is being held by the Mile 7 Police at Achimota in Accra, for the suspected murder of his girlfriend, Matilda Asante, 19, a senior high school graduate at South Afankor in the early hours of Monday.

The body of the deceased was found in the neighbourhood, wrapped in a bed sheet and her legs tied, while her head was covered in a black polythene bag.
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