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From the bad boy, to childish jerks, women often fall for the wrong guys. It can’t be helped. We’ve all been there, dating someone we knew was no good for us, but we did it anyway. However, some take it a step further, unable to see the truth and leave the man that is bad for them.

Here are the top 5 most unhealthy relationships women refuse to leave.1. The Abusive Relationship. He might be hitting you, or he might not be. Some women think that just because the abuse isn’t physical, it isn’t happening. Abuse can also be mental. Maybe he makes constant comments about your body or your intelligence. Or perhaps he can’t resist yelling at you when you do something he doesn’t like. Whether it’s physical, sexual, or verbal, abusive is deadly and dangerous. It poisons relationships to their very core. Think long and hard before you stay stuck in a mess like this one.2. The Controlling Relationship. Does he tell you how to live your life? First he makes comments about not approving of your outfit, and suddenly you’re second guessing every single day, wondering if what you’re wearing will meet his approval. From controlling your diet to telling you who you can and cannot hang out with, he’s controlling every aspect of your life.. and that’s not okay!3. The Isolating Relationship. This one happens gradually. You won’t notice it at first, but one day you’ll go from being the life of the party, to the girl who never hangs out with anyone but her boyfriend. Some men seem to hold their women captive, preventing them from spending time with their friends and family, using perfectly timed guilt trips and arguments to seize control. Everyone gets a little lost in love, but some people never come back from it.4. The Unfaithful Relationship. These men are a piece of work. Caught, possibly more than once, they beg for your forgiveness but never seem to change their dirty dog ways. If they can get away with it once why not try again? Women who stay with cheaters are under the impression that people can change, or worse, that they can change people.5. The Jealous Relationship. These men are wild. Green with envy they see even an innocent conversation with a male co-worker as a fierce flirtation that deserves a fight. He checks your phone, calls you constantly, and request’s proof of your whereabouts. He’s paranoid and annoying, and yet many women deal with this on a daily basis because their love for him overshadows his scary obsessions.Many women feel that being single is the worst thing in the world. Because the dating world is so hard, they’re willing to take abuse and mistreatment if it means they’ll get a little love in return. Blinded by rose colored glasses, they forget themselves and the rest of the world and only see their partner. Power hungry men take advantage of this.You may be the woman in this relationship, or know someone in one. Help them. Help yourself! No one deserves to be lied to, disrespected, or mistreated in any way in a relationship. Unhealthy relationships such as these rot you from the inside. They break your heart and your mind, making you unstable and afraid to be yourself. You are strong, smart, and independent. Don’t ever forget who you are, or let someone take that away from you. You are the only person who can lose yourself. Remember, hold fast and never let yourself go. You’re worth more than an unhealthy relationship. You’re worth everything good